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Laughter is powerful. Laughter heals. Laughter builds community.

At Laughter for a Change (L4C), we bring laughter and comedy into communities where a good laugh is in short supply.

Our programs, based in improvisational theater, encourage participants to play and share themselves in a way that builds self-confidence and creates meaningful connections.

L4C partners with other non-profits and community groups to share the joys and benefits of improvisational theater.

Our Approach: Improvisational Comedy

The improv experience is powerful because it challenges the participant to take a risk.

At L4C, we foster a safe environment for creativity and imagination to thrive. Our approach to mentoring is honest and playful, with a serious respect for the craft of improvisational theater.

Once workshop participants learn the basic techniques, they quickly overcome their fears and stage fright to create enriching stories and comedy. The process is transformative, revealing to the players the richness of their imaginations and the power of their creative gifts.

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