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Laughter for a Change acknowledges the boundless talents and playful spirits of the Comedy Mentors who have led our programs:

David Chung

Ernie Gonzalez, Jr.

Ed Greenberg

Patrick Ian Moore

Kat Primeau

Ruth Silveira

Keong Sim

Additional thanks to these improvisers:
Rebecca Sage Allen, Celeste Busa, Bryan Cain, Casey Dunn, Kerri-Anne Lavin, Grant Liebewitz, Jackson Marshall, Kay Montgomery, Mitchell Roche

Advisory Board

Ed Begley, Jr.

actor and environmentalist

Jeffery Brand

Dean Emeritus of University of San Francisco School of Law, Founding Director of The Center For Law and Global Justice

Eric Kabera

Founding Director of the Rwanda Cinema Center and Kwetu Film Institute

Jane Kagon

Senior Fellow at the USC Annenberg School for the Digital Future

Rabbi Naomi Levy

Bestselling author, founder and spiritual leader of the Nashuva Congregation

In Memoriam:
Robin Williams

Actor and comedian
(2010 – 2014)

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