Games We Play

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Warm Up Games

The Mirror Game

Begin at the beginning – collaboration and cooperation.

Tug O’ War

Agreement makes everyone a winner!

Voice Mirror

Don’t worry about making mistakes – make a connection!

Imaginary Ball

Basic lesson in sharing your imagination with others.

Beastie Rap

A rhyming rhythm warm-up game.

Reach Into Space

Creating something out of nothing through physical activity.

I Am A Tree

Fun warm-up for practicing spontaneity, creativity, and team work.

Zip Zap Zop

Builds connections and encourages simple creative choices.

Crazy 8’s

A high energy warm-up!

What Are You Doing?

Practicing physical dexterity & mental flexibility.

Team Building Games

One Word Story

The group tells a story as one storyteller.

Conducted Story

The group as one storyteller – listening with no preconceptions.

Shared Group Activity


Twin Experts

Another fun “one word each” game.

The Oracle

Speaking as one voice, building the group mind.

Family Of…

Teamwork and creating characters quickly.

The World’s Worst

Playing against an idea.

Freeze Tag

No ideas – just jump in and see what happens.

Giant Freeze Tag

Creating spontaneous scenes and listening.

Painting the Fence

Connecting through activity & relationships


Fun game to practice quick changes and multiple characters.

Job Interview

One person plays two job interviewees.

Story Building Games

Zip Zap Zop with Scenes

Spontaneity, trust, and support warm-up.

Who Where What

Building a simple scene.

Help Desk

The basic improv technique of “Yes, and…”.

Adding Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles, breaking the routine.


Shrink the scene – keep the story!

Yes, And… Story Game

Don’t just say “yes” – take it to the next level with “Yes, and…!”

New Choice

Practice in supporting spontaneous choices

Two Chairs

Creating spontaneous improvisation.


Supporting every idea = no mistakes!
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